Variety of Mangos

There are around more than1200 mangoes in Pakistan. But the general public only knows about a few of them. Nevertheless, solitary around more than 350 ranges of mangoes are full-grown in the vicinity, further than which simply around 30 to 35 kinds of mangoes are developed on a profitable scale.

These are particular of the utmost prominent as well as parsimoniously significant mango variability in Pakistan that general public across the world to a great extent wait for every single summertime.

Names of Mangos

  • Swarnarice
  • Sindhri
  • Gulabkhas
  • Neelum
  • Chaunsa
  • Banganpalli
  • Dussehri
  • Langra
  • Malda
  • Anwar Atol
  • Fajri
  • Samer Bahisht
    It is an important selection of the province of Sindh. Fruitlet figure oval type figure and lengthy, large size, skin color lemon yellow when ripe, pulp color yellowish cadmium, consistency acceptable as well as fixed fibreless, the seed is also intermediate-sized, the flavor is pleasingly sweet-smelling in addition to the sense of taste is sweet.


The Chausa otherwise Chaunsa mango of Pakistan stays undoubtedly only of the worlds’ topmost variability accessible. It remains a remarkably sugary mango with a delightful smell as well as is delightful and very much soft, juicy surface with merely the smallest of fiber. it comes in the summers mango season in Pakistan


Red king stands the title assumed to be a creamy mango with a small red color. As per the fruitlet matures, the fair-haired turn out to be profound. The fruitlet has a to some extent asymmetrical figure. The skin is moderately fixed, has selected stuff in addition to being sugary deprived of being predominantly appetizing.


Anwar Ratol remains because of mouthwatering savor as well as plentiful liquid. It stands minor in dimension, it has a so much pulp of juice from which ice creams can be made, it has a thick medium skin, the pulp is fibreless and also the Anwar Atol can be cut off in portions, it has a very pleasant taste plus very sugary flavor. The period of Anwar Atol twitches from mid of July to August.


Baganphali remains the variability of Sindh that stands prevalent because of great capacity which is typically having a distance of around more than 13 cm. the shape of the fruit remains Oval, the color skins well as dark green as well as at last it becomes yellowish when it is ready to be eaten. It has a sugary sense of taste as well as weighty paste in addition to being filled with delicious liquid. It comes around July and remains till August.


It stands the variability of Mango that has marvelous requests in Europe in addition to Canada. It stays minor in magnitude, it has a delightful sugary sense of taste, its skin is green and the peel is thin, it has a striking scent, it is highly arctic, fibreless, it has a little oval shape in addition to has weighty fleshy tissue that gazes yellowish brown. The time of year of this fruit frights is from the middle of June till August.